!Caution, information ahead

The flood of information that keeps coming from the Internet, media outlets and commercial presentations has changed our lives. Nowadays, we can easily find information from many .various sources about any rumor or any subject that we find interesting

Interesting facts, new research, breaking news, professional opinions are all accessible and available to us. Information from all around the world and in any subject is at the palm of our hands, reaching us directly.

Previously, knowledge meant power – we learned to know more. Today, knowledge is almost taken for granted – it’s everywhere. But is it really trustworthy? How can we tell a reliable source?

There have always been better and worse sources in terms of reliability, but today, when information flows almost without screening, it is important, more than ever, to learn to spot reliable information.

Reliable information is such coming from a trustworthy source. The way to tell a trustworthy source from an unworthy one is to find as much as possible about it.

Wikimedia Israel created a comics, which explains and demonstrates the challenges to information consumption, and presents simple methods of evaluating sources and screening out the unreliable ones.

The comics is a most efficient tool to guide writers in the process of finding sources of information from any media outlet. It clarifies the distinction between reliable information and information which is false, wrong or biased, hence helping to develop critical thinking in information consumption and responsibility in creating contents.

Comics about reliable information

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